Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Starting again.

Hi i'm Cassi.

I had a blog for about a year but i never seemed to be motivated enough to write anything down, although i do like to keep track of other people. So now i'm going to put in the effort to make this a regular blog.

This blog is about my weight loss and hopefully one day attaining the perfect number on the scale. which is a long way to go! 26 kilos, which is a lot. So i'll give you some stats.

CW: 74kg
UGW: 48kg


So a bit more about me. I used to be a gymnast and was ultra fit and flexible and strong. Since then i have gotten really sick with chronic fatigue and several bouts of mono. Turns out i've been allergic to wheat my whole life :\ so now i've found the cause of my sickness my diet is severely limited by no choice of mine. i can't eat: meat, wheat and i have to avoid dairy. Now the meat is optional, but i'm a vegetarian and i don't want to compromise my values just because i can't eat wheat. So my diet is already highly restricted and my family can hardly make me do anything about it.

I'm almost 18, very soon :) and i live by myself and go to university, doing psychology. I live in a pretty wealthy area and it's very beautiful. but i'm not particularly wealthy being a student and all. I might also mention the boy i sorta have a thing with. I'll call him special K, he lives just over 300km away, just near my home town. Which i visit very often. Still an annoying situation, that i want someone who lives so far away. i hate distance. but at the same time it's good cos i'm fairly crazy and i could hardly handle seeing him every day.

So this is me, again, here we go :)